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Cloud  [2007]


Cloud was part of a litter bred by Havanese Harbor.  His name was selected actual by the breeder and all of the puppies names reflected a "sky" theme, and we thought it fit him.  If wagging a tail is a sign of happiest, then Cloud should be the happiest dog on earth!  


Baci  [2010]


Baci is our newest addition to our "family" and also a Havanese breed.  In Italian his name “Baci”, means “kiss”, but it is also a delicious Italian candy.  Comparing the temperament of the breed with the Baci candy; which is  sweet outside and full of nuts inside seemed to fit.


Truffles  [1996 - 2007]


Truffles was our first Havanese dog and Toward the end of her life she developed S.A.R.D.S. and died of kidney problems, possibly due to the 2007 massive pet food recall.  Truffles will always hold a special place in our heart and those she touched.